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What's New on the Website?

  • Sermons added every week

Website Instruction - There are more pages available than what tabs are listed on the front page. To get to these other selections (including photo galleries) click on any of the tabs on the front page. There will now be a side menu bar that you can make additional page selections. - Additionally, if you get a "hand" while moving your mouse over the scrolling pictures on the front page, you will be directed to the page/link connected to the picture.

WEBSITE NOTE: You do not have to create a username/password to look at the information on this website. That feature is part of the general template of this site but is not currently being used. A username/password will be needed in the future when we get the prayer request part of the site running. At that time the website admin will authorize any username/password for access to password protected pages within the website.

"Our heart is restless until it rests in You, O Lord." ~ Augustine