Children's Books
Children's Books
(Current as of - 9/4/2013)
Toddlers (C-1) – Board Books
The 12 Bugs of Christmas Lucado, Max
God Bless the Moon Joslin, Mary
God Makes Nighttime Too Mackall, Dandi Daley
Merry Creature Christmas! Mackall, Dandi
My Easter Basket: True Story of Easter Simon, Mary
My First Book of Prayers Lloyd-Jones, Sally
Noah’s Rocking Boat Detweiler, Molly
Now the Day Is Over Joslin, Mary
Rain or Shine Mackall, Dandi Daley
The Pine Tree Parable   
The Toddler’s ABC Bible Storybook Larsen, Carolyn
There’s a Bear in God’s Woods! Zobel-Nolan, Allia
There’s a Lion In God’s Jungle Zobel-Nolan, Allia
Dear God Series Fitzgerald, Anne
Do You Need My Help?  
How Did It All Start Anyway?  
If I Get Lost Will You Find Me?  
Is There Anything Too Big For You?  
First Readers (C-2)
47 Beavers on the Big, Blue Sea Vischer, Phil
All God’s Colors Tower, Patricia
Because I Love You Lucado, Max
Blodge Plants a Seed Smith, Simon
For God So Loved the World Mackall, Dandi
God Is Like… Walters, Julie
God’s Wisdom for Little  Boys George, Jim
God’s Wisdom for Little Girls George, Elizabeth
Great Bible Stories – Joseph Nodel, Maxine
Great Bible Stories – Rebecca At the Well Nodel, Maxine
Higby the Average Monkey Smith, Todd Aaron
Higby Throws a Fit Smith, Todd Aaron
His Little Princess Shepherd, Sheri Rose
I Love You This Much Hodges, Lynn
I’d Be Your Hero O’Brien, Kathryn
I’d Be Your Princess O’Brien, Kathryn
Jesus Loves Me Warnes, Tim (illus.)
Jimmy’s Lost Bug (Lost Sheep) Smith, Simon
Just In Case You Ever Wonder Lucado, Max
Let It Snow Hobbie, Holly
Now You Can Read – Bible Stories (Samuel) Ife, Elaine
The Oak Inside the Acorn Lucado, Max
The Pumpkin Patch Parable Higgs, Liz Curtis
Small Gifts in God’s Hands Lucado, Max
The Sunflower Parable Higgs, Liz Curtis
What About Heaven? Bostrom, Kathleen
Words and Thoughts to Help Now You Can Read Ife, Elaine
Bible Stories  
Stumpy Stomps Off (Prodigal Son) Smith, Simon
Words and Thoughts to Help You Grow Taylor, Kenneth
You Are Special Lucado, Max
God Gave Us series  Bergren, Lisa
God Found Us You  
God Gave Us Easter  
God Gave Us Heaven  
God Gave Us Love  
God Gave Us the World  
God Gave Us Two  
God Gave Us You  
How Big Is God?  
Young Cousins Mysteries Murphy, Elspeth Campbell
#1  The Birthday Present Mystery  
#2  The Sneaky Thief Mystery  
#3  The Giant Chicken Mystery  
#4  The Chalk Drawings Mystery  
#5  The Purple Cow Mystery  
#6  The Flying Pigs Mystery  
Junior Readers (C-3)
A Hat for Ivan Lucado, Max
The Baker Book of Bible Travels for Kids  
The Best of Woof Dobson, Danae
Bible Stories to Read  
Captive Treasure Lucado, Max
Coming Home  
The Children’s Book of Heroes Bennett, William J.
Dinosaurs by Design Gish & Snellenberger
Duncan Carries A King Taylor, Dan and Damon
The Exodus Swindoll, Charles
The Garden Wall Bishop, Jennie
God’s Kingdom: Stories from the NT McCaughrean, Geraldine
His Mighty Warrior Shepherd, Sheri Rose
The Incredible Discovery of Lindsey Renee Tada, Joni Eareckson
I Want to Know Osborne, Rick
I’m Sorry, You Can’t Hatch an Egg Butrum, Ray
Jeremy, the Tale of an Honest Bunny Karon, Jan
Joseph King of Dreams  
Let’s Explore God’s World Anderson, Debby
Life in the Great Ice Age Gard, Michael & Beverly
Moses and the Burning Bush Simon, Mary
Moses Crosses the Red Sea Simon, Mary
Parables for Kids Dobson, Danae
Simple Acts of Kindness for Kids Alonzo, Ray
Tales of Faith and Wonder Anderson, Hans
The Princess and the Kiss Bishop, Jennie
The Squire and the Scroll Bishop, Jennie
The Story of the Lost Son Montgomery, Tama
A Beka Books  
All Kinds of Animals  
All Things – Even Frisky  
Pilgrim Boy  
Silver Sales  
Sunshine Meadows  
Treasure Chest  
Cow Stories Smith, Todd Aaron
Cow and the Christmas Surprise  
Cow Finds a Friend  
Cow Goes For a Ride  
Cow in the Dark  
Cow in the Rain  
Cow Makes a Difference  
Cow Under the Big Top  
Larry Boy  
#1  and the Emperor of Envy Katula, Bob
#2  and the Awful Ear Wacks Attack Gaffney, Sean
#3  and the Sinister Snowday  
#4  and the Yodel Napper Redeker, Ken
#5  in the Good the Bad and the Eggly  
#6  in the Attack of Outback Jack  
#7  in the Amazing Brain-Twister  
#8  and the Abominable Trashman  
#9  Versus the Volcano!  
McGee and Me  
Take Me Out of the Ball Game, etc. Myers/West
The Big Lie, etc. Myers/Johnson
The Not-So Great Escape Myers/Johnson
The Mess Detectives Peterson, Doug
The Big Sleepover   
Couch Potato Capers  
Dial M for Mercy    
The Don’t Touchables  
The Slobfather    
The Trouble with Larry   
Triangle Press Classics/Sower’s Seed  
A Little Rebel Becomes a Saint  
Little Daisy and the Swearing Class  
The Weed With An Ill Name   
Theobold The Iron-Hearted  
   Clopper and the Night Travelers King, Emily   
   Deede’s Easter Surprise Kinnear, Kay
   Journey to the Cross Haidle, Helen
   Little Colt’s Palm Sunday Adams, Michelle
   The Story of Easter Fisher,
   The Story of the First Easter  
 Various Seasons  
Liz Curtis Higgs
   The Parable of the Lily  
   The Pine Tree Parable  
   The Pumpkin Patch Parable  
   Give Thanks to the Lord Wilson, Karma
   Squanto and the Miracle of Thanksgiving Metaxas, Eric
   Thanksgiving, A Harvest Celebration Stiegemeyer, Julie
A Glorious Angel Show Mackall, Dandi
Caleb Crosses the Country Taylor, Dan
The Christmas Star Potter, Christine
Clopper the Christmas Donkey King, Emily
God Gave Us Christmas Bergren, Lisa Tawn
The Greatest Shepherd of All Gerth, Holley
I Wonder…Did Jesus Have a Pet Lamb? Oke, Janette
My Christmas Collection  
Only God Would’ve Planned It That Way! Barness, Todd
The Little Shepherd Girl Henry, Juliann
The Pine Tree Parable Higgs, Liz Curtis
The Shoe Box Rivers, Francine
The Time of Christmas Richterkessing, Suzanne
The Tiny Snowflake Ginolfi, Arthur
The Tiny Star Ginolfi, Arthur
The Twelve Days of Christmas Knight, Hilary`
The Very First Christmas Maier, Paul
"Thou has made us for Thyself and our heart is restless till it rests in Thee" ~ St. Augustine